Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Contact Lens

For a glasses-free smile

Everyone’s eyes are different, so it makes sense that there is a wide assortment of contact lenses available. For this reason, your contact lens visit will be different from a standard eye exam.

First, Dr. Zamora will examine your eyes and evaluate them for special considerations, like astigmatism or myopia. She will measure your corneal topography to find contacts that fit your eye’s unique dimensions. She will also take into consideration any issues like pupil size, dry eyes, and any contact lens preferences you might have. Using this information we can recommend the best contacts for you from our extensive list of brands. At our clinic, we provide specialty Contact Lenses fo Multi-focal, Toric, and Hybrid.

You can also order your contacts directly from us online anytime.

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Contact lenses must do's

Practice these habits to avoid compromising your eye health. Improper usage of contact lenses can lead to increased risks for eye infections and inflammations.

  • Wash your hands before touching your contact lens case.

  • Wash your case after every use.

  • Use contact lens solution to wash instead of tap water.

  • Switch to new contact lenses case every three months.

  • Squirt your contacts in fresh liquid every time.

  • Avoid storing old contacts in your case with fresh solution.

  • Store your contacts in a low-humidity environment while disinfecting.

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